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PTR provides insight into the Shore-to-Ship power solution market and captures key trends and forecasts that can inform your positioning and strategy in this area. The detailed Global Project Database and targeted Market Analysis Report capture a holistic snapshot of the current nature of the market (including installed and pipeline products) as well as projections of the future nature of key players, stakeholders, and the product’s utility. This way you can make calculated decisions, channel successful investments, and mitigate the risks that may arise along the way.

With reports revealing the detrimental contributions of maritime transport towards GHG and SO2 emissions, lawmakers are calling for strict measures to reduce and monitor the maritime carbon footprint from traditional diesel-powered onboard generators. In the spirit of maritime sustainability, Norway has installed more than 150 shore power projects ranging from tens to thousands of KVA. Some Norwegian ports have joined incentive-based schemes to speed up the deployment of onboard shore power systems such as reductions in port fees and other amenities if the vessel achieves the necessary criteria for indices such as the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) and the Environmental Port Index (EPI).

The German Ministry of Economics and Energy also awards funds from the Energy and Climate Fund to support the deployment of environmentally friendly technologies such as shore power at ports. Two such notable projects include their grant of EUR 42 million for shore power in port Hamburg and a project underway at the Port of Rostock with an indicative budget of EUR 76.83 million and a timeline of 2020 to 2023.

Other notable efforts across Europe include Spain’s Port Authority of Las Palmas which will launch a first pilot under the OPS master plan to power docked ships from the grid through 16 double connecting points of 80kW each. The OPS master plan overall has a budget of close to EUR 4.4 million and is co-financed with  EUR 1.28 million by the Connecting Europe Facility – CEF program for the construction of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T). Up until 2021, eleven ships which travel extensively through the Spanish ports have been installed with onboard shore power and are ready to be connected to the power systems installed on the ports.

Just a couple of hops over on the map, the AdSP (port system authority of western Sicily) and the RTI business group have signed a concession of over EUR 22 million to create “Smart Ports” in western Sicily in February 2021. The project targets the port facilities of Palermo, Termini Imerese, Trapani, and Porto Empedocle. At Italy’s port of Genoa, Nidec Industrial Solutions will supply two 6 MVA static frequency converters which, with the overloads required, can reach up to 12 MVA, as well as switchboards and LV/MV transformers, connecting cables for the various devices, and any accessory components for that port. In simpler words, Nidec is stepping up to support shore power efforts.

It is evident that maritime accountability in the global carbon footprint has become a necessity. To obtain extensive market information and detailed analysis of the happenings, ongoings, and forecasts of this market, PTR offers its Shore-to-Ship power solution service. Where knowledge is power, this service is a key tool lending itself to informed successes and minimized risks.

    Key Questions Addressed in the Service
    • Which countries present the largest opportunities for shore power OEMs?
    • What kind of marine traffic is going to be a potential demand center for shore power?
    • What are the business practices and selection criteria followed by different countries across Europe?
    • What is policy landscape which drive shore power market in different regions?
    • Who are the key stakeholders and what are their roles in shore power value chain?
    • What are the key market trends in shore power market?
    Business Practices, Standards and Selection Criteria

    Visibility over highlighted countries

    Shore Power Systems Database

    Delivery Format
    Excel Data Output For Integration

    As part of the service, you will also get the database with the market sizing and market shares figures should you choose to integrate the data into your own internal systems instead of PowerBI:

    Why Choose Power Technology Research?

    Too often is third-party market research disregarded by decision makers due to ambigious methodology and uninspired presentation. This had led most market research to remain relegated to ‘me-too’ slides, often remaining a footnote in presentations. Our goal is to change that, and bring back pro-active decision making within the global power and e-mobility sectors by providing market research based on a transparent and flexible methodology.

    While working with you, we will do everything to ensure that we are strictly following our three pillars of excellence: Transparency (meaning no black-box datasets with our analysts supporting the data provided), Diligence (deep technical knowledge translating into the research for you) and Digestibility (ensure working with you once you have purchased the service, to answe any questions so you can utilize the data as you intended). These claims are backed by our track record of working with some of the largest companies in indutry and their testimonials.

    “Very professional with consultancy approach. Which means, hearing your client’s needs and understand it while making them feel comfortable. Also very intelligent being able to build such cost model.”

    GIS Ltd. (CEO - Energy Consultancy)

    “PTR was able to provide a level of depth to its methodology not replicated by other research companies I have worked with. It was a pleasure to work with PTR in developing our market strategy and a step-up from alternatives available”

    Mitsubishi Electric (Client Partner - Power Systems)

    “I was impressed by PTR’s level of knowledge and insight on the automation industry. Their work is professional and they are good fun to work with too. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others”

    Control Techniques (Strategic Marketing-Industrial Automation)

    “Thanks to Power Technology Research for the great support in terms of market modelling and in getting a better understanding of the different applications. All our discussions and meetings were very fruitful and as well useful! Would be great to work with your team together in future for other topics.”

    Infineon Technologies (Client Partner Business Intelligence & Development)

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