Power Grid

With our unique substation equipment models, we provide our customers with detailed market data, forecasts and analysis of electricity transmission equipment within the countries of their choice through a voltage specific lens.

Technology Leaderboard in Grid Modernization & Flexibility

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the global grid technology landscape. Our report delves into the intricacies of investments, supply chain dynamics, integration challenges, maturity standards, and policy landscapes, providing a strategic roadmap for navigating the evolving energy transition.Uncover the foundational components driving the adoption of grid technologies and gain valuable insights into the dynamic market trends shaping deployment strategies.

Substation Automation Market Analysis

Substation automation is an ongoing shift in the power grid sector aimed at automating functionality, control, and the monitoring of substations so that they can be observed and adjusted remotely. As part of the Substation Automation Service, PTR takes a look at several architectures, types, and applications to accurately and concretely size and segment the market, reflecting the current installations, forecasting future expectations, and projecting a CAGR that may be used to fuel your decisions and strategy.

AI in Power Grid Market Analysis

The global energy system is currently undergoing massive transformation, and it will continue to become more decentralized, digitalized, and decarbonized in the coming decades. The effort to decarbonize the energy supply is also causing significant decentralization in the power sector. To manage this increasingly complex system and optimize it for low greenhouse gas emissions, all sector players, including consumers as well as utilities, will need to be much more coordinated and flexible.

Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) – Project Specific Market Analysis

Reliability and supply security is a major concern for utilities these days. With the increasing penetration of renewables, stricter grid codes are being implemented by utilities every day. Increased generation capacity under revised grid codes demand more flexibility and dynamic reactive power support for the grid. Over the years, static devices like Capacitor Banks, synchronous condensers and filters have been installed by system operators to provide voltage stability and reactive power support. However, with the advancements in power electronics, fast dynamic support devices like FACTS are becoming popular with time.

EV Impact on Grid

Electric vehicle (EV) shipments are poised to grow by a 35% average annual growth rate from 2016 to 2025. As internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales decline, and the market moves towards EVs, a paradigm shift will occur within the automotive manufacturing industry. This stems from the sheer reduction of parts used in EVs when compared to traditional ICEs; in some cases a multiple of 6 or more. PTR’s EV Impacts on Manufacturing will provide insight into this shift and answer questions such as which industry sectors within automotive will be impacted first, where these changes are occurring, and how ICE component manufacturers are currently coping with this market evolution?

Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgear Market Research

Medium voltage switchgear is the backbone of distribution network making it safe and cost efficient. Power Technology Research provides a comprehensive research on this topic to our clients covering both utility and industrial markets. In both cases, the protection levels applied in the distribution networks of the country is considered, which in turn dictates the amount and type of MV switchgear being installed. What makes our research unique is the depth PTR analyzes the market, going one step further than the cabinet level, analyzing the components within the cabinet and the technology trends. This makes the analysis useful for stakeholders in the entire value chain from component manufacturers to panel builders and system integrators. Wherever you are in the value chain, PTR can provide research, tailored to fit your business model, so you can easily identify and compare opportunities leading to a stronger business development strategy.

High Voltage (HV) Switchgear Market Research

Substations are roughly half of the spend at major utilities around the world within the mid to high voltage categories. Despite the large opportunity, the complexity by which these substations are awarded, designed, and erected is significant. This task leads many other market research companies to size individual markets in a top-down methodology leading to inaccuracies and unexplainable trends when forecasts are compared to actual data. Power Technology Research diverges from that methodology by individually researching every market and understanding both the grid in every country. This understanding of the grid and substation design in a country is coupled with detailed models allowing for component sizing within the substations in different voltage and current classes.

Distribution Transformers Market Research

Distribution transformers are the heart of distribution networks. Their efficiency and smooth functioning is crucial for utilities in this day and age to maintain their up times and provide best service to their customers and prosumers. Power Technology Research (PTR) sizes the market of distribution transformers by analyzing individual countries for new additions, expansions and replacement of transformers. We start by analyzing the key DSOs having the majority of the market share and use that information to model the remaining country. With this approach, we are able to analyze the behaviors of the biggest buyers in the market, and can identify these opportunities much more precisely for our clients.

Power Transformers Market Research

Power transformers are the most crucial equipment in the entire transmission system, and also a key portion of the total substation spend of transmission system operators. Power Technology Research (PTR) sizes the opportunity for this critical equipment by looking at individual utilities in the countries to analyze the upcoming greenfield and brownfield substation projects. The utility specific approach allows us to analyze market in more granular detail than most of our competitors, and helps us convey a much deeper understanding of the market to our customers for their decision making.

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Market Analysis

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) is one of the fastest growing market in the field of Transmission and Distribution because of its ability to address major issues encountered by modern grid like steep rise in renewable integration, grid congestion, security of supply, Bulk power transfer and asynchronous grid connections. This market tracker contains in depth details about HVDC projects installed in last two decades and future outlook of HVDC market. Each HVDC project is broken down into its technical details and cost information at subcomponent level. Technical details include converter topologies, types of cable, filtration equipment and HVDC transformers. Cost outputs of market tracker are categorized as power converter cost per unit power ($/KW) and HVDC cable cost per unit length ($/Km).