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Analysis of US Industrial DC Chargers market was requested by a client to understand the demand of DC Chargers and specific product preferences in 8 different industries: Utility Distribution, Power Generation, O&G, Data Centers, Chemical, Mining/Cement, Steel and Automotive. In addition to the market sizing, an understanding of the market positioning of existing players in the market was to be provided with their market shares for client’s strategy.


A comprehensive survey was conducted in US market which was complimented with a topology-based DC-Chargers market sizing model. All supply chain participants including end-users, EPCs and suppliers were contacted with separate questionnaires for each segment. Target job roles were design engineers and procurement managers for end-users and EPCs, and sales & product managers for suppliers

First phase of the interviews focused on the DC Chargers usage in these industries, feature preferences, topology verification by industry vertical and with the presence of existing players in the market. These inputs along with secondary research were used to finalize market sizing using the market model and market share estimation.

The second round of interviews focused on the confirmation of the market share estimation and market sizing for verification of the model outputs. The study helped the client benchmark existing business in the US against their top competitors and served as an input to their product development strategy.

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