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A European manufacturer of EV chargers wanted to understand the dynamics of charging infrastructure market in USA across different states. This information was needed by their US team in order to prioritize top 15 states which can be targeted to expand their presence in the country.


Information on the current (2021) stock and sales of electric vehicles by states was collected as a first step to rank the present electrification rates. Second, a database of short-term (2025) and mid-term (2030) state-wise electrification targets was generated to map the penetration of electric vehicles by states by 2030. In cases where no direct state-specific plans were found, indirect forecast was done based on the current legislative activity around EVs in those states. Following the similar research pattern, information on installed base and targets of EV chargers by states was collected. Finally, the impact of bipartisan infrastructure bill was embedded into the forecast based on the investment allocated to different states for the next five years.

Our research enabled our client to:

  • Prioritize states with the highest potential of EV charging infrastructure
  • Align their strategy according to the investments and grants announced by the federal government for different states
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