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A Tier-1 manufacturer of transformers requested to evaluate the market for power transformers in the USA & Canada categorized by voltage and by applications (Grid, Generation, C&I). The client asked PTR to provide region-specific market outlook for next 10 years.


Power technology Research approached the project in 3 parts:

1. Dividing the United States and Canada into 10 Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) territories for Grid transformers

2. 7 generation technologies for GSUs

3. 5 energy intensive industries in the USA & Canada for C&I Transformers.

The unit numbers were separated by New Additions, Expansions and Replacements categories in addition to splitting them by specific voltages within above-mentioned categories.

Interviews were conducted to gather $/MVA pricing for transformers in all 10 regions for every voltage category. Unit research was combined with the pricing to get revenues as requested by the client.

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