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A leading manufacturer of T&D equipment in the US wanted to verify their understanding of the USA MV Switchgear market in all verticals including generation, distribution and industry. Unique focus in this study was to also segment the indoor switchgear market further into metal-clad vs metal-enclosed product types. The products covered in this study were:

-MV Metal Clad Switchgear

-MV Metal Enclosed Switchgear

-Further segmentation into

-AIS MV Switchgear

GIS MV Switchgear


The market in united states was estimated in the US for five verticals:

-Utility Distribution

-Solar Generation

-Wind Generation

-Conventional Generation


The result was detailed market sizing database with around 800 datapoints across four voltage categories across metal clad and metal enclosed MV switchgear. Both installed base and annual market was provided.

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