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An international manufacturer of medium and high voltage T&D equipment asked PTR to accurately size the EU market for Switchgear, by country, voltage, and insulation technology. Prior research from third-party sources did not provide the granularity or the visibility into methodologies and assumptions taken, so significant depth was requested. Specifically, prices of gas insulated (SF6) components by country were requested as the company specializes in this technology.



PTR was able to provide individual TSO and DSO Tender information for each market covered. This was accompanied by a utility/EPC price survey and grid design survey to understand how each voltage is used. Specifically for GIS bays, breaking down the components and services attached to the offering was critical to analyze the price differences on projects which may have the same voltage and interrupting current requirements. Substation configuration schemes were also made around Circuit Breakers, Busbars, Lines In, Lines Out, and Transformers.

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