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A Chinese Battery Technology Provider wanted to further expand their business in North America.  For that, they wanted the existing and pipeline energy storage projects for the region so that they can better understand the technological demand, their potential customers and understand the energy storage revenue models for North America.


PTR has an existing database of 4,000+ energy storage projects installed and planned across the globe. PTR provided the customer with a list of battery storage projects that included existing and pipeline projects in North America, with project specific information. This enabled the client to get an overview of the leading developers and integrators in the region that can be their potential customers and the overall competitive landscape. Moreover, the list also had technologies and sub-technologies listed for each project, which provided information on technological trends of energy storage in North America, and the areas where they needed to focus their R&D efforts. Through extensive primary and secondary research, PTR compiled a list of pipeline projects in North America which helped client identify their immediate target market and the projects for which the technology provider was still not contracted. Each operational project also had revenue streams specified which gave them better insights into the prevailing business models for energy storage in the region. 

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