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A European manufacturer of power distribution equipment wanted insights into distribution transformers market around four regions of the world (Europe, MEA, APAC, South America) to expand their transformers business. Furthermore, segmentation of market into Oil-Immersed and Dry-Type transformers of various voltage classes was requested by client’s product line management to optimize their portfolio.


A comprehensive study was commissioned to size the market of Oil-Immersed and Dry-Type transformers in 21 countries across these four regions. Within each country, the market was further segmented into five verticals:

  • Utility Distribution
  • Generation Wind
  • Generation Solar
  • Conventional Generation
  • Industry

Research was conducted via a combination of secondary  and primary research. Starting from analyzing utility annual reports, network reports from regulatory authorities, industry associations  and manufacturer portfolios across these countries as inputs to the market models. This was followed by primary research (~25 interviews) to understand the Oil vs Dry transformer ratios in different verticals, understanding of manufacturer market shares and to verify the market sizing outputs from the market models. In addition to region specific reports for various teams, the key findings were also presented to the segment leaders and global PLM in a summary presentation and follow-up discussion/Q&A meeting.

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