End-to-end marketing solution for Irdeto including a detailed whitepaper, a webinar in collaboration with other EV charging industry experts, and co-branded social media posts.

Problem statement:

Our client, one of the leading cybersecurity solutions providers in the world, Irdeto B.V. offers cybersecurity solutions for the complete EV charging ecosystem. In their efforts to grow their brand visibility, Irdeto was looking to publish thought provoking and useful content on the topic of cybersecurity in EV chargers, to share with potential clients and partners in the industry.

Solution by PTR (Service offer/package):

Based on Irdeto’s requirements, PTR carried out an analysis of the cybersecurity market in the EV charging space, highlighting the key vulnerabilities and threats to EV chargers. Through this research, PTR created a co-branded whitepaper for Irdeto, focused on the threats faced by connected EV chargers today, recent developments in the space highlighting Irdeto’s solutions and concluding with recommendations on steps required to secure your EV chargers network.

Following the whitepaper, PTR also organized an industry panel with spotlight on Irdeto, bringing other guest speakers from the industry (CharIN, Schneider Electric, Eaton) using PTR’s expert network. With around 150 relevant registrations, the webinar showcased the expertise of Irdeto’s technical team in helping their clients to implement cybersecurity solutions to secure their connected EV charging network.

Lastly, PTR created custom co-branded social media posts to help promote both the whitepaper and the webinar from each other’s marketing channels.

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