Request Background:

A large European manufacturer of EV Chargers was interested in estimating the private and public electric vehicle (EV) charger market in 25 countries around the world with highest EV penetration. The information was to be used in their strategic planning as the board needed to make a decision on whether or not to invest in production & personnel around the world.

Research & Methodology:

A comprehensive study was conducted, starting from total number of passenger and commercial (e-bus, e-trucks, e-LCVs) electric vehicles to identify the top 25 high EV growth markets. Once the markets were identified, a market assessment of EV Chargers was carried out using two market models: one for private charging and one for public charging to estimate the total number of EV charging points segmented by charger capacity and applications including gas stations, en-route and highway charging. Additionally, country specific analysis of metrics including EVs/Chargers and charging behavior was conducted to understand saturation points for various countries and compare opportunities against each other.

Our recommendations enabled our client to:

The project served as the independent assessment for the board of directors, division CEO and global Product Line Management (PLM), who in turn used the study to prioritize portfolio and market segments to invest in.

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