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A Japanese manufacturer of FACTS wanted an overview of series capacitors in North American market (NAM). They were seeking a complete analysis on series capacitors demand i.e., market sizing and forecast, company profiles of top players, competitive analysis and product benchmarking. The client also wanted a customer side analysis to understand sales channels and supplier preference of end customers when it comes to purchase of this technology.


PTR started with research on transmission system operators (TSO) in North America to understand their short- and long-term plans for deployment of series capacitors in North American transmission grid. This led PTR to shortlisting of major Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) who are primary buyers of this technology in North America.

The information on planned series capacitor systems extracted from TSOs’ plans was verified and adjusted based on the discussions with these shortlisted IOUs. Information on supplier preference and sales channels was also gathered through these efforts.

Once the final market size and forecast was developed, it was also verified with existing key suppliers of series capacitors in NAM. Through PTR FACTS database, an existing overview of market was developed which included supplier market shares and their focused regional markets in North America.

Suppliers were also interviewed in detail to understand and develop product benchmarking, value additions and their supply chain of capacitors to serve North American market.

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