Customer Request:

A German manufacturer of EV Chargers wanted to expand their EV wallbox business in Europe beyond the German speaking DACH region. For their go-to-market strategy and tactical business, they were looking for information including:

  • Growth of Electric Vehicles in top 5 countries outside DACH
  • Market Size of AC EV Chargers (0-22kW)
  • Market Size of DC EV Chargers (0-50kW)
  • Market Segmentation by Residential, Workplace, Destination
  • Potential Sales Channel Partners


A custom study was designed in which as a first step, 5 country markets were selected by looking at countries with more than 100K expected EV registrations in the next five years in addition to client specific factors (existing presence, product market fit etc.). For these markets, market sizing of AC and DC chargers was extracted from PTR’s Global EV Charging Infrastructure Market Analysis along with the segmentation for the strategy development. In addition to it, primary research effort was carried out to identify and verify the sales channel in each of these five countries and relevant partners at each step of the sales channel for the client to approach for tactical business development.

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