Syndicated Analysis:

The report written as part of a wider analysis on electric vehicles (EV) ecosystem focused on the value chain of EV batteries. It consisted of six main segments:

1.Battery Production Processes: Overview of electrode, cell, module and vehicle integration process along with battery technologies used in various OEM models.

2.Evolution of Battery Cell Technologies: Analysis of various battery form factors (prismatic, Cylindrical, Pouch) and chemistries (LCO, LFP, NMC,…) and their pros & cons.

3.Battery Cell Suppliers: Estimated global market shares of cell suppliers from multiple sources along with benchmarking of players on four axes (Cost, Partnerships, Technology, Supply Chain).

4.Raw Materials and Bottlenecks: Element requirements per battery cell kW and bottlenecks in the raw material supply.

5.Technology Advancements: Recent advancements in battery cell technologies and their future potential.

6.Global Market and Technology Forecast: Production capacity by region and current utilization along with PTR’s forecast of demand in automotive applications.

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