PTR, a thought leader in market intelligence, collaborates closely with key industry associations, publications, conferences, and trade fairs. By synergizing our profound insights with their unique platforms and perspectives, we empower the industry with a collective voice to tackle shared challenges and unlock transformative opportunities.

Beyond empowering our partners with data, we share strategic expertise through diverse resources like whitepapers, articles, podcast episodes, engaging webinars, and much more. This equips our partners to overcome bottlenecks and achieve goals, ultimately fostering a thriving and informed industry landscape.

Collaboration unlocks potential. Join us in harnessing the power of collective knowledge and data-driven market intelligence. Together, we can ignite groundbreaking advancements that benefit everyone – driving growth, innovation, and a more sustainable future for the power industry.

Conference & Trade Fair Partners

Through our specialized knowledge and strategic collaboration, PTR elevates the influence and outreach of industry conferences. We help our partners shape the conference agenda, highlighting the latest energy innovations that should take center-stage at the conference. Our partnership ensures that each conference becomes a catalyst for meaningful industry-wide conversations, amplifying its value significantly.

PTR’s expertise facilitates the engagement of attendees from across the globe, creating a bridge with influential industry leaders. This connectivity not only strengthens lasting relationships but also sparks discussions that resonate far beyond the conference walls. Our dedication to forging enduring partnerships is evident in our ongoing collaborations with renowned events such as CWIEME Berlin and Middle East Energy. Serving as their knowledge partner for several consecutive years underscores PTR’s unwavering commitment to advancing the industry through continuous knowledge exchange and collaboration. This year, PTR returns as the knowledge partner for CWIEME Berlin and Middle East Energy for the 5th and 3rd year, respectively.

Media Partners

Through strategic alliances with leading publications and magazines, PTR extends its impact by contributing insightful articles and whitepapers on the cutting edge of energy, enriching the knowledge landscape within the industry. By actively participating in creating content for these magazines, PTR ensures that its insights and analyses are disseminated widely. This collaborative effort enhances the quality and depth of industry discourse, fostering an environment of continuous learning and innovation.

PTR’s commitment to knowledge exchange is exemplified through its ongoing contributions to our partner publications. This synergy between PTR and leading publications reinforces our dedication to advancing industry knowledge and establishes a platform for thought leadership that resonates throughout the sector.

Industry Association Partners

In close collaboration with renowned industry associations, PTR extends its commitment to advancing the sector by actively participating in knowledge-sharing initiatives. Through strategic partnerships, PTR becomes an integral contributor to these associations, providing valuable insights, articles, and whitepapers that contribute to the collective expertise of the industry.

By engaging with industry associations, PTR enhances the impact of its contributions, reaching a broad audience and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders. Complementarities allow for a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise that elevates the entire industry.

PTR’s dedication to contributing high-quality content to industry associations is evident in its ongoing collaborations with prominent organizations. These partnerships involve active participation in events, webinars, and publications, reinforcing PTR’s role as a trusted authority in pursuing industry advancement. Through these associations, PTR strengthens its position as a thought leader and actively contributes to shaping the industry’s future through shared knowledge and collaborative efforts.

Affiliate Partners

Through our affiliate partnerships, PTR ensures widespread accessibility to its comprehensive reports, fostering a seamless exchange of industry insights. By leveraging these partnerships, PTR ensures that its valuable research is easily accessible to a diverse audience through these platforms, delivering high-quality information to a global audience. This symbiotic relationship enhances the visibility and impact of PTR’s reports, making them readily available for industry professionals seeking in-depth analyses and market intelligence. PTR shapes industry knowledge and insights through these affiliations, establishing a collaborative ecosystem that benefits stakeholders across the business landscape.