EVs and Automotive Manufacturing

by Aug 6, 2018

EVs and their Impact on Automotive Manufacturing 

How will the automotive manufacturing be affected by the increasing demand for EVs, and what would it mean for the future of OEMs, Tier-1s and Tier-2s. This presentation, given by PTR during first ever EV Momentum, focuses exactly on this topic.

Key topics discussed during the presentation:

  • Overview of EV Adoption 
  • Manufacturing Requirements of EVs vs ICEs
  • Impact of this Change on Machine Tools Market as a Case Study
  • Future Supply Chain Impact and Factors of Success

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About the Speaker:


Jared Kearby

Principal Consultant 

Over the past several years Jared has honed his skills as a lead analyst with a focus in market research and international business development. Jared’s technical areas of expertise include industrial automation, renewable energy, power components, mechanical and electromechanical components.

About EV Momentum:

Featuring numerous tech talks, market insights, panel discussions and ‘in the chair’ interviews the inaugural EV Momentum Summit brought together those involved and disrupting rapid the automotive and wider e-mobility supply chain.