Emerging Technologies in the Electric Vehicle Charging

Globally, the adoption to achieve carbon neutrality has accelerated efforts to decarbonize the transport sector, responsible for 30% of total carbon emissions. To meet this goal, various regions, including the European Union and the UK, are targeting the phase-out of Internal Combustion Engine vehicles by 2035 and 2030, respectively, in favor of Zero Emission and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology enables electric vehicles to serve as mobile batteries, feeding electricity back to the grid, PTR Inc. predicts a remarkable 22% Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2022 to 2030. Successful real-world projects in Portland, Oregon, with Daimler Truck NA and Portland General Electric collaborations, highlight MegaWatt Charging System’s (MCS) practical application and potential in the heavy-duty vehicle sector. The future of electric vehicle charging is integral to the global shift towards sustainability, dependent on the advancement and integration of innovative technologies.


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