Digital MV Switchgears improve manufacturer efficiency, sustainability
The article authored by Muhammad Usman, Analyst at PTR Inc. elucidates that the
Digital medium voltage (MV) switchgear adoption is on the rise in the U.S., offering significant benefits for manufacturers and industrial settings. Currently representing 5% of global demand, the U.S. is expected to see its market share grow as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and industries transition to digital MV switchgear. By 2030, industry demand is projected to account for 65% of the total digital MV switchgear demand. This shift is driven by the technology’s efficiency and reliability compared to conventional switchgear. Digital switchgear transforms power management and distribution across three key areas: monitoring and data acquisition, electrical distribution and control, and protection and fault management. The growth in various industrial sectors, propelled by factors such as economic expansion, legislative initiatives, and business investments, is fueling the demand for reliable power management solutions, including MV switchgear, in the U.S.

The adoption of digital medium voltage (MV) switchgear is driven by several key growth drivers, including escalating industry demand, predictive maintenance capabilities, operational and maintenance cost reduction, and enhanced communication capabilities. These factors empower industries to manage equipment proactively, optimize operations, and prioritize maintenance activities, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and sustainability in power management. However, there are also notable barriers to widespread adoption, such as budget constraints and training requirements, as well as cybersecurity concerns. As industry expansion and technological advancements continue to propel the demand for digital switchgear, the industry is geared up for a transformative shift towards a future defined by optimized energy utilization, reduced operational costs, and heightened sustainability.


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