Azhar Fayyaz Presents at CWIEME Shanghai 2023

Azhar Fayyaz, Analyst at PTR Inc. takes center stage at CWIEME Shanghai with the presentation, Underscoring the Necessity of Investing in Power Grids to Achieve Decarbonization Goals. The presentation reflected the importance of investments in power grids to propel the industry towards a sustainable and decarbonized future. The urgency outlined in the presentation underscores the time-sensitive nature of addressing the evolving energy landscape. Strategic investments in power grids are not just beneficial; they are imperative for steering the industry away from traditional, carbon-intensive practices. 

CWIEME Shanghai served as a dynamic platform for industry professionals, bringing together over 250 exhibitors and attracting a significant attendance of more than 10,000 professionals. This impressive turnout signifies the event’s stature as a central hub for fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry. As a nexus for thought leaders, experts, and industry stakeholders, CWIEME Shanghai plays a crucial role in facilitating global partnerships and providing a fertile ground for the exchange of ideas and insights.  

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