ABB Launches Digital Transformer

by Mar 15, 2017

ABB has announced the launch of the world’s first digital distribution transformer at the ABB Customer World event in Houston, Texas.

ImpressionSince the development of intelligent relays and transducers, operational data has been utilized mainly for real time control and protection purposes. However, impacts of data logging and machine learning have trickled down to the domain of power systems and implementation of diagnostic algorithms on large data sets for preventive maintenance has been a key research topic in past five years. ABB has introduced diagnostic systems for some of the most critical components in power system i.e. transformers and gas insulated switchgear (GIS).  In 2015, ABB introduced online condition monitoring system CoreSense to monitor hydrogen and moisture content in large power transformers . This transformer life-cycle monitoring philosophy has led ABB to introduce a real-time monitoring system at distribution transformer level. The TXpert solution equips a distribution transformer with capabilities like data logging of key indicators and predictive maintenance. Such a system is most likely to benefit industries with critical processes like oil, gas and data centers where unplanned down time results in significant rise in cost. Additionally, accurate predictive replacement solution can help reduce the need of redundant transformer topologies used in industries and public facilities. ABB is expanding this concept towards other power distribution components through innovative offering like EKIP smartVision which enables protection devices like air circuit breakers (ACB) to have a real time cloud-connectivity. This indicates that ABB plans to implement the idea of preventive maintenance and real-time data collection on tertiary distribution i.e. public facilities and commercial buildings.

Link to press release: here