Request Background:

A manufacturer of Depot chargers was interested in a deep-dive on charging concepts and technologies within e-Truck charging, specifically looking into the system layout, grid connection, charger size etc.. Additionally, assessment of the e-Truck charging market opportunity segmented by charger capacity and the demand drivers in US and EU markets.


A survey was designed to gather the knowledge and feedback around the truck charging infrastructure being installed on depot, en-route, and on-destination. One of the key elements of the survey was to understand the number of charge points planned to be installed, charging speed (in hours) intended per charge point, and the grid access capacity (in MW) planned per charging station. Furthermore, the survey aimed at understanding the timeframe required to install the planned number of charge points. Survey findings were synthesized and presented to the client team.

Our research enabled our client to:

  • Have more information for product development direction in HDV charging sector
  • Opportunity assessment for central strategic market analysis
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