Attend Our Presentation at The Battery Show Europe

The Business of Batteries in EV and Stationary Applications

15th May ’18

03:00pm – 03:30pm

Conference Area


The Business of Batteries in EV and Stationary Applications

Short description:

This presentation’s aim is to explore the market of Li-Ion battery cells for Electric Vehicle and Grid Storage applications.

Key topics discussed during the presentation:

  • Batteries in grid applications, a look into what they’re interacting with and, at times, displacing in selected European markets
  • A look into the winning and losing battery cell technologies at German automotive OEMs
  • Incremental versus disruptive battery cell technologies and how digestible change is at-scaled production

Who should attend:

  • Batter Cell Manufacturers
  • EV Battery Suppliers
  • Grid Storage Manufacturers
  • Utilities, OEM Product Managers

Time & Date:

May 15th, 2018

03:00pm – 03:30pm

Conference Area

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About The Battery Show Europe:

The Battery Show is Europe’s largest trade fair for advanced battery technology, taking place 15 – 17 May 2018, in Hannover, Germany. More than 300 manufacturers and service providers from across the supply chain will display thousands of design, production and manufacturing solutions, including battery systems, materials, components, testing and recycling, for industries including automotive, utilities, renewable energy, grid, power tools and electronics.


Mike Sheppard

Managing Consultant 

Mike currently works on small and large scale advisory engagements ranging from Polysilicon cost modeling through bottom-up substation topology assessments to identify spending patterns by country. In March 2018 he produced a report on the state of battery cell technologies within EV applications. With a background in finance, Mike worked his way up from a researcher in mobile, renewable power, and electricity transmission and distribution sectors in the last 8 years.