Switching Gears: Renewables Spark Boom in North America

About the Whitepaper

Driven by the rapid expansion of utility-scale solar and wind (35 GW additions predicted in 2024 alone), North America’s medium voltage (MV) switchgear market is poised for robust growth.
PTR forecasts a healthy 3.3% annual growth in demand for MV Switchgear units from 2023 to 2024, exceeding even the largest Asia-Pacific market. This whitepaper dissects the key drivers fueling this growth, analyzes market trends, and equips you with actionable insights to navigate the opportunities and challenges within this dynamic landscape.

Demystifying MV Switchgear Usage in Renewables

Delve into the critical role MV switchgear plays, optimizing power distribution within wind & solar plants.

A 2024 Capacity Surge Awaits

Uncover the projected capacity surge in 2024, led by 25 GW of utility-scale solar & 10 GW of wind additions.

Renewable Growth Drivers

Analyze key factors propelling adoption, including ambitious GHG reduction goals and technology advancements.

Market Forecast & Greenfield Boom

Discover the rising preference for MV gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) in renewable applications.

Navigating Challenges & Opportunities

Learn how strategic planning can help manufacturers overcome challenges and thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

Chart your course in the dynamic North American MV switchgear landscape by discovering how to capitalize on the 2024 renewables boom. Download the free whitepaper now to act as your guide!

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