– 長期エネルギー貯蔵技術(LDES)とは何か?再エネ活用に欠かせない7つの技術の動向

Renewable energies such as solar power are always limited by the amount and time they can store in the grid. This will not only help increase renewable energy penetration to over 80%, but also help deliver the decarbonized power system needed to meet long-term global warming and climate change mitigation goals. , has become a major issue.

This problem can be solved with the introduction of LDES (Power Technology Research refers to systems with a discharge time of more than 8 hours as LDES), which are systems that can store energy for long periods of time.

In this article, we will introduce promising LDES such as pumped hydro storage, liquid air energy storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, thermal energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, and battery energy storage.


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