SAE Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels Summit Impression 2023

by May 11, 2023

The SAE Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels Summit was held online from 2nd to 3rd May 2023. This two-day virtual event aimed to bring together hydrogen and energy experts from around the world to address the latest market updates, opportunities, and challenges related to hydrogen and other sustainable alternative fuels.
The Summit provided a platform to energy, mobility, and policy leaders to share latest news and insights about the sustainable alternative fuels market with a special focus on hydrogen. Various industry experts shared their thoughts on a vast range of topics such as hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen in aviation, hydrogen in heavy duty applications whereas some even talked about clean hydrogen production. PTR also participated in this prestigious virtual event.
I, as an Analyst in the Research Team for Hydrogen, represented PTR at the Summit and presented on the topic “Clean Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel for Sustainable Mobility’. My presentation was focused more on providing a policy perspective, with an aim to explain how National Hydrogen Strategies and regulations are driving the growth of the hydrogen mobility market. I started by providing an overview of how hydrogen is used in the mobility sector, further segmenting the market into the road transportation, maritime, aviation and rail sectors. I then provided the audience with a comprehensive outlook of the hydrogen mobility market around the globe. Moreover, I provided a regional analysis of the hydrogen mobility market of 3 regions in terms of available National Hydrogen Strategies, targeted mobility sectors and the supporting policies, regulations and incentives of that region. I covered the Asia-Pacific, North American and European regions only because these 3 regions alone cover more than 90% of the global hydrogen mobility market. My analysis of the global and regional hydrogen mobility markets was supported by authentic statistics.
One interesting aspect of the Summit was that there was a lot of healthy discussion regarding the usage of hydrogen as a sustainable alternative fuel in the road transportation and aviation sectors. The hydrogen mobility market around the globe is currently facing some challenges, especially due to the lack of proper policies and an adequate infrastructure. Therefore, it was good to see that so many people were interested in learning about the opportunities for hydrogen in the mobility sector.
In conclusion, the SAE Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels Summit was a remarkable success, bringing together professionals from across the hydrogen industry to discuss key issues and share insights about hydrogen as a sustainable alternative fuel. Due to its numerous advantages, hydrogen has immense potential when it comes to decarbonization of the mobility sector, and it was wonderful to see that so much practical work is being done to adopt hydrogen in this sector.

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