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PTR Releases Report on AI-Powered Grid Services 

Unveiling Insights and Forecasts for Key Markets in the U.S., Europe, and Australia 

SUNNYVALE, USA, February 21, 2024: Power Technology Research (“PTR Inc.”) proudly announces the publication of its latest report focusing on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the power grid industry. This groundbreaking report offers a thorough analysis of the AI-powered grid services market, with an extensive focus on key regions, including the U.S., Europe (with a detailed examination of leading markets), and Australia. 

The report delves into the intricate landscape of policies and initiatives at both national and state levels, providing insights into pivotal developments and driving forces within the market. Key factors explored include the widespread rollout of smart meters, the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources, and the burgeoning electrification of the transport sector. These trends collectively contribute to a growing demand for grid services powered by AI. 

One of the report’s standout features is its in-depth market analysis, which encompasses market size and forecasts for AI-powered grid services such as demand response, virtual power plants, distributed energy resource management, and vehicle-to-grid integration. By providing a clear understanding of the trajectory of service-specific markets in key regions, along with the potential demand for each service by 2030, PTR equips stakeholders with invaluable insights for strategic decision-making. 

Furthermore, the report offers a comprehensive global overview of market competition, showcasing the rankings of key suppliers of AI-powered grid services based on market penetration and product portfolio. This enables stakeholders to assess the competitive landscape and identify strategic partnerships and opportunities for growth. 


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