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PTR Releases Grid Flexibility and Energy Storage Report

SUNNYVALE, USA, November 17, 2023: Power Technology Research (“PTR Inc.”), a leader in energy and e-mobility market research, published a Grid Flexibility and Energy Storage report on 10th October 2023. This report highlights a range of issues relating to grid services in five major countries of Europe, including Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. Moreover, it informs the reader what type of energy storage applications and revenue streams are beneficial to use in which part of these five European countries.  

The issues have been benchmarked leading to a score indicating the magnitude of challenges identified in different regions of the country. Then, it covers the potential of energy storage in these countries based on the policy landscape.  

The report is a complete information suite for someone who wants to understand what kind of challenges exist in Europe, where they exist, and if they can be addressed through the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). 

About PTR: Founded in 2016, PTR ( provides specialized market research about Power Grid and New Energy equipment through syndicated and bespoke research for our clients. PTR prides itself on a differentiated approach to market research that focuses on diligence, flexibility, and transparency.