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PTR Partners with the Africa Energy Expo and Nigeria Energy Conference to Drive Energy Sector Advancements in Africa  

SUNNYVALE, USA, June 24, 2024: Power Technology Research (“PTR Inc.”) is pleased to announce its new partnership with two prominent events in the African energy sector: the Nigeria Energy conference and the Africa Energy Expo. These collaborations underscore PTR’s commitment to fostering dialogue, sharing knowledge, and driving innovation in the African energy landscape. 

The Nigeria Energy conference, scheduled to take place from October 15 to 17, 2024, is West Africa’s leading energy event. The Leadership Summit, a premier component of the conference, offers industry professionals a platform to explore the latest trends and challenges in the region’s energy sector. The accompanying international exhibition, featuring over 150 exhibitors, presents attendees with a unique opportunity to network, trade, and discover new opportunities. 

Following this, PTR will join forces with the Africa Energy Expo, set to be held from November 4 to 6, 2024, at the Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda. With a focus on transforming the African power sector for a sustainable tomorrow, this event aims to support Africa’s climate pledges at COP28. By convening key energy stakeholders, the Africa Energy Expo seeks to increase international support and facilitate access to modern, affordable, and sustainable energy across the continent.  

As part of our commitment to these events, PTR will be authoring two in-depth reports:  

  1. Renewables and Clean Energy Solutions – This report will cover the renewable energy landscape of Africa, the impediments to the transition, and the necessary steps for Africa to achieve a full energy transition.
  2. Transmission and Distribution – This report will delve into the current state of Africa’s power grid, highlight key T&D projects, and outline what needs to be done to meet Africa’s electricity requirements in a sustainable manner. 

Overall, these partnerships further PTR’s mission to drive sustainable growth in the African energy sector. 



About PTR: Addressing the global imperative of combatting climate change is an unparalleled challenge, prompting a significant focus from energy stakeholders on renewable energy generation. PTR Inc. was founded to first; understand, document, and communicate the intricacies of energy transition, and second; to identify the best technologies and associated business models to integrate into complex legacy systems. With over a decade of experience in the Power Grid and New Energy sector, PTR Inc. has evolved from a core market research firm into a comprehensive Strategic Growth Partner, empowering clients’ transitions and growth in the renewable energy landscape and E-mobility, particularly within the electrical infrastructure manufacturing space.   


About the Nigeria Energy Conference: Enabling charting pathways to energy efficiency and sufficiency in West Africa, the conference discusses real-life solutions and actionable recommendations. 


About the Africa Energy Expo: With an aim to fully support Africa’s climate pledges at COP28, the Africa Energy Expo will serve as a scene-setter to the Africa Power Vision by bringing key energy stakeholders together to increase the level of international support and facilitate access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy in Africa.