PTR CEO’s Insights at Distributech 2024 with Alan Ross

Michael Sheppard, CEO of PTR Inc., shared insights into his journey within the industry during an interview with Alan Ross at Distributech International 2024. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between consumer and industrial research and power grid analysis, Mike founded PTR Inc. in 2016 with the mission to understand and analyze electricity networks worldwide. As PTR Inc. approaches its eight-year anniversary Mike’s expertise continues to drive the company’s commitment to unraveling the complexities of global power networks. He emphasized the importance of resilience over reliability in today’s power sector, driven by factors such as weather events and cyber threats. Mike also discussed the emerging role of data centers as major players in the industry. He emphasized the need for solution providers to offer flexible solutions that meet evolving customer needs while maintaining high standards and support. Sheppard identified business models, public perception, and regulatory environments as key hurdles to the widespread adoption of technologies like bi-directionality for EV charging and home energy systems, despite the technology itself being well-established. He emphasized PTR’s mission to elucidate complex market trends. Recognizing a gap in understanding within the industry, PTR aims to provide clarity on questions such as grid capacity for renewable energy and the integration of electric vehicles, thus informing policymakers to avoid reactive policies. The team see themselves not just as analysts but as active participants in the industry, aiding in education and training to bring newcomers up to speed.


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