National Hydrogen Strategies and Frameworks – H2 as a Clean Energy Vector

25th August | 14:30 - 15:30 CEST








About the Webinar

Hydrogen is a promising fuel for energy transition, has potential applications in several sectors across industry, and can be produced at scale using renewable energy. Although Hydrogen is itself termed as a clean fuel, how it is produced can make all the difference. Green Hydrogen produced through electrolysis using renewables is costly. Moreover, a low volumetric energy density requiring advanced storage methods further adds to its cost when it comes to its distribution. To overcome the challenges associated with hydrogen and to better utilize it as a clean energy source, countries around the globe have come up with policy frameworks termed “National Hydrogen Strategies” to promote the development and adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy vector.
In this webinar, our analysts will be discussing various hydrogen strategies on a regional and national level. They will share insights on regional hydrogen production potential, market opportunities and challenges, and the key stakeholders in each region that are expected to play a pivotal role in the hydrogen economy moving forward. On a national level, the specific targets of hydrogen production, cost, investment, and emission reduction will be discussed.

Agenda (60 mins)


  • Snapshot of global hydrogen consumption – 2020
  • National Hydrogen Strategies: Global overview

Asia-Pacific: The big demand center of hydrogen

  • Japan: The pioneer of hydrogen strategies
  • Australia: The surging renewable hub

Europe and Middle-East: Large bets on hydrogen adoption

  • Europe’s clean energy transition & hydrogen
  • UK’s ambition for a thriving hydrogen economy
  • Middle East setting foot in the decarbonized world

Africa: Huge potential, little infrastructure

  • Morocco: The early mover
  • Egypt: The emerging player

Americas: Increasing self-sufficiency & regional cooperation

  • USA creating hubs and funding support for R&D
  • Chile: A clean energy provider for green hydrogen


Q/A Session

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Zeeshan Sami Khan
Senior Analyst


Jannat Wasif



Hassan Zaheer

Chief Commercial Officer