Evolving Landscape of Power Systems in the EU and Beyond
In this article, Saifa Khalid, Senior Analyst at PTR Inc. highlights that the global landscape of power systems is undergoing a significant transformation, particularly in advanced economies. Progressive economies, with greater fiscal capacity, are leading investments in renewable generation and electric vehicles, necessitating the upgrade and expansion of electricity grid infrastructure. Climate-related disruptions can damage conventional power sources, including fossil fuels and nuclear plants, leading to power outages and supply chain disruptions. Urgency surrounds the shift towards resilient and adaptive power systems to address climate-related challenges, unlike traditional systems at higher risk. This entails strengthening physical grid infrastructure and deploying advanced technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, to enhance overall resilience. The European Union is actively phasing out fluorinated gases and ozone-depleting substances, aiming to mitigate climate change impact and shape the future of power systems. This initiative is prompting power grid equipment manufacturers to adopt sustainable practices and use environmentally friendly substances in manufacturing. Regulations play a crucial role in guiding the power systems industry towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. The success of this transition depends on the compliance and commercial availability of alternative technologies. While advanced economies are rapidly adopting these changes, the expectation is that as alternative technologies become more accessible and affordable, regulations will likely be introduced in developing economies as well.


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