Electric Vehicle (EV) Impact Report

Electric Vehicle (EV) shipments are poised to grow with a CAGR of 35% from 2016-2025. This increased growth will have significant impact on the ecosystem around EVs. Multiple industry stakeholders will see a significant shift in how their respective domains will evolve to cater to increased EV demand. We believe, the following industries are the major direct or indirect stakeholders in the ecosystem, where significant changes will occur:

1. Automotive Manufacturing:

With a decline in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales, and market shift towards EVs, a paradigm shift will occur within automotive manufacturing supply chain.

2. Power Grid:

Power grid is one of the largest and most disregarded aspect of EV ecosystem. Grid will have to cater to increased EVs by transmission and distribution capacity additions and strict power quality measures.

3. Batteries and Storage:

Batteries are a crucial element of EVs. Material limitations and other technological barriers will need to be overcome for increased EV adoption.

4. Charging Infrastructure:

Planning and availability of public and private charging infrastructure will change dramatically in years to come.

5. Renewable Energy:

It is vital that renewable generation capacity meets its planned targets. Without renewables providing a significant share of electricity mix, use of EVs will only shift the carbon emissions from one source to another.

For decision makers (company executives, division/product managers) whose business is directly or indirectly involved with EV penetration, it is crucial to look at all these industries simultaneously to predict the future developments with clarity. It is vital to understand the drivers and barriers to adoption of EVs within all these industries, and ask the right questions to make informed strategic decisions.
Power Technology Research is embarking on a new field of research dedicated to the impacts of critical components on and by Electric Vehicles. PTR will leverage in-depth insight across five key themes affected by EVs, Automotive manufacturing, batteries, power grid and charging infrastructure. In order to provide a holistic picture, drivers and barriers to developments in each of these industries will be discussed, along with market outlook. The goal of this report is to equip our customers with information, and key drivers/barriers to keep an eye on while planning for future scenarios with increased EVs.

What is included in this report*: 

The following segments are included in the analysis, to provide a holistic view of the impacts of increased EV penetration on various stakeholders and adjacent markets:

1. Introduction

2. Automotive Manufacturing

  • Shift from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles
  • Where will BEVs have the most impact?
  • Shifts in the automotive supply chain
  • Market Trends

3. EV Motors Assessment

  • EV Motors overview
  • Market Trends

4. Batteries in EV Applications

  • Production process
  • Cell technologies
  • Cell suppliers
  • Raw materials
  • Competing battery technologies
  • Technology advancements
  • Market sizing and technology forecast

5. EV Charging Infrastructure

  • Overview of EV chargers
  • Types of EV Chargers
  • Cost breakdown
  • Charging infrastructure initiatives & investments
  • Market Sizing
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

6. Distribution Grids and Impact of EVs

  • Background
  • Country specific grid assessment
  • Grid stakeholders survey
  • EV grid integration joint ventures & partnerships

7. Blockchain developments in EV ecosystem

  • Overview of blockchain
  • P2P charging
  • P2P energy sharing
  • Case studies 
  • Challenges & Outlook

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