European Transformers Market – The Impact of Renewables and EV Charging Infrastructure

About the Webinar

In this webinar we explore the transformation of Europe’s energy landscape, dive deep into the impact of renewables & EV charging on grid expansion, and analyze utility investments and successful projects. A comprehensive conversation delves into the intricacies of the European transformers market, including trade trends and future forecasts, and leading advancements like digital and ester-based transformers, ends with a discussion on the crucial role transformers play in enabling the renewable energy transition, providing a holistic view of the interconnected forces shaping Europe’s energy future. 

Agenda (60 mins)

  • Introduction
  • The Role of Renewables and EV Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) in Grid Expansion and Modernization
      • Discussion on the impact of renewables and EVCI on grid expansion and upgrading.
      • Examples of utility investments to accommodate renewable energy and EV charging demands.
      • Case studies that highlight successful grid expansion projects.
  • Import/Export Numbers and Production Landscape
      • Overview of import/export statistics related to transformers market in Europe.
      • Overview of the current production landscape and key players in the market.
  • Transformer Market Overview
      • Overview of the European transformer market trends and growth drivers.
      • Future projections for the transformer market in Europe.
  • Technological Developments in Transformer Industry
      • Introduction to technological advancements such as ester replacing oil type transformers.
      • Exploration of digital transformer technologies and their benefits.
  • Conclusion
      • Emphasis on the pivotal role of transformers in facilitating the transition to renewable energy and electric mobility.

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Azhar Fayyaz

Senior Analyst


Eyman Ikhlaq



Hassan Zaheer

Chief Operating Officer


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