EMEA EV Chargers Market Impact of Latest Technology on Infrastructure 

1st May | 14:00-15:00 CEST








About the Webinar

In this webinar, we will delve deeper into the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) sector. This webinar will provide an overview of the EMEA EV Chargers market, exploring its growth aspects, key trends, and future potential. We will discuss by diving into data-driven insights on EV adoption, from passenger cars to Commercial vehicles. We will help understand the private and public charging landscape, segmented by AC and DC charging. We’ll zoom in on the EMEA’s market trajectory, analyzing the impact of the EU Green Deal, and exploring cutting-edge technologies like V2G, wireless charging, and Megawatt Charging. We will channel the aspect of the emerging trends and how these pave the way towards growth of high-power charging. 

Agenda (60 mins)

  • Introduction of EVCI market
      • Why Electrification is important? How would it play a role in catching up the regional goals and demands?  
  • Global Overview
      • EV Electrification trend  
        • Overview of Passenger Vehicle and e-LCV’s market 
        •  Overview of e-Buses and e-Trucks market 
      • EV Chargers global overview
        • Discussion on Global EV Chargers market forecast and factors impacting them.
        • Overview of Public and Private Segmentation in terms of charger family (AC, DC low power, DC high power)
  • EMEA EV chargers Trend
      • Discussion on categorized AC and DC Chargers in the market and how the shift is driven amongst the categories of these chargers
  • Policies and Incentives 
      • How EU Green Deal is shaping the growth trajectory in EMEA?
  • New Technologies and Trends in EV charging infrastructure  
      • Role of V2G/V2H in advancement of EV Charging Infrastructure
      • Role of Megawatt Charging in advancement of EV Charging Infrastructure
      • Role of Wireless Charging in advancement of EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Questions

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Ijlal Khan

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Analyst I

Saqib Saeed

Chief Product Officer


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