EHB: A Gateway to European Hydrogen Economy

by Jul 14, 2022

Hydrogen is emerging as an efficient and alternate fuel around the globe and will play a key role in achieving the climate pledge of net zero emissions by 2050. Europe is leading the clean energy revolution with a great number of hydrogen projects under development, a huge investment plan and several published hydrogen strategies. To reduce its dependence on Russian imports and promote inter-European cooperation, European Hydrogen Backbone (EH2B) Initiative aims to establish Pan-European hydrogen supply and import corridors while also facilitating the rapid development of a dedicated hydrogen infrastructure by encouraging repurposing of existing natural gas infrastructure. Aligned with REPowerEU’s ambition of a 20.6 Mt renewable and low-carbon hydrogen market in Europe, the EH2B Initiative not only provides cleaner energy for the European industries to move away from fossil fuels, but also provides cleaner power and transport.

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