Commercial & Off-Highway Vehicles – 2019 Top Market Players

by Jul 30, 2020

The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the transportation industry will be felt at varying degrees of intensity throughout 2020 and even through 2022, for certain sectors. Find out what it can mean for any of our six vehicle categories in the latest update of PTR’s Commercial & Off-highway Vehicle (COHV) market analysis.

Commercial & Off-Highway Vehicles Market Units by Application – 2019 (‘000s) All Fuel Types Projected Annual Growth 2019-25 BEVs Only

Top Market Players – 2019 All Fuel Types


    1.Daimler Group (23%)

    2.Volvo Group

    3.PACCAR Inc.


    1.Deere & Company (23%)

    2.Kubota Corp.

    3.CNH Industrial

    Light Commercial Vehicles

    1.General Motors (10%)

    2.Ford Motor Corp.

    3.Volkswagen Group


    1.Caterpillar Inc. (18%)

    2.Komatsu Ltd.

    3.Sany Heavy Industry


    1. Toyota Group (28%)

    2. Kion Group.

    3. Jungheinrich AG


    1. Zhengzhou Yutong (11%)

    2. Xiamen King Long

    3. Daimler Group

    The following figure shows the top three market players in each segment. The market share of the top company in all segments decreased except for the agriculture and buses segment in 2019.

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