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A leading European Automotive Tier-2 manufacturer was interested in analysis of powertrain technology evolution including battery and system voltages, along with the market outlook of EV Traction motors for battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) electric vehicles.


The project was divided into two parts:

1.EV Traction Motors Market Analysis

2.Battery/System Voltage Trends Analysis


The first part was addressed using PTR’s off-the-shelf EV Traction Motors syndicated service which covers the demand of ACIM, PMSM, HTM and Other EV traction motors, for different power ratings, in 3 regions and 11 countries around the world for a global picture.

The second part was addressed via primary and secondary research. Detailed interviews with 10 different OEMs were conducted to understand battery/system voltage evolution along with affinity for specific powertrain solutions from the client.

As a result of the study, our client was able to adjust its product development strategy to align with the technology trends, in addition to direct introductions to agreeing interview partners for tactical business development.

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