What is the outlook for power substation automation in Europe? In short, it’s promising


The article by Asad Tariq, Analyst at PTR Inc. explains that the European Union’s policy initiatives are driving decentralization and decarbonization in the EU energy system. Transmission and distribution system operators in Europe view substation automation as a crucial tool to navigate the complexities of the evolving decentralized power sector. The integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as sensors, communication systems, and control software, enables the real-time monitoring and control of the power grid are improving both reliability and efficiency. Utilizing technologies such as AI, IoT, and smart metering enhance the grid management and supports renewable integration and promotes energy efficiency.  


Distributed architecture substation automation has emerged as the dominant technology in comparison to centralized substation automation. France and Germany are at the forefront of the regional market for substation automation deployment, accounting for almost a quarter of the total market share. The substation automation market is anticipated to reach nearly $1.8 billion by 2025, exhibiting a 3% compound annual growth rate. This long-standing adoption of substation automation by European TSOs and DSOs is a pivotal strategy for managing grid congestion and enhancing power sector reliability amid the region’s push towards green energy targets. 


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