Uptake of EV Technology in North America’s LCV Segment

by Aug 23, 2022

North America’s LCV market has continued to experience steady growth in annual sales throughout the years. This increase is expected to multiply exponentially as multiple vehicle models, more particularly within the electric pickup truck segment, readily begin their integration into transportation fleets and LCV markets. With the rise of Covid in 2020, countries such as the U.S. turned to online platforms to keep up businesses, causing an increase in the demand for delivery vans. Additionally, the introduction of vehicle models within the pickup truck segment in North America has now boosted sale volumes. Pickup trucks are incredibly popular within the North American demography, proven by the high historic sale volumes of their ICE counterparts. Currently, companies such as Ford (General Motors), and Rivian are adding on to North America’s electric LCV market, with an increasing number of organizations adding in orders for electric vans.

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