The Vehicle-to-Grid Battlefield

The article, Vehicle-to-Grid Battlefield authored by Kamil Maqsood – Senior Technical Research Writer, Michael Sheppard – CEO, Hassan Zaheer – COO and Saqib Saeed – CRO at PTR Inc. highlights that the V2G integration emerges as a transformative force in advancing the global energy transition, with a particular focus on regulatory landscapes and practical implementations in the United States and Europe. In the United States, the regulatory environment is witnessing a notable push towards V2G integration, underscored by California’s Senate mandate requiring bidirectional charging in all state-sold electric vehicles by 2030. The anticipated support from Combined Charging System (CCS) and North American Charging Standard (NACS) standards further solidifies the foundation for V2G integration, promising enhanced interoperability and efficiency across electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 


Meanwhile, in Europe, the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package plays a key role in fostering a conducive market environment for V2G integration. This legislative framework seeks to restructure markets and regulations to facilitate the seamless incorporation of electric vehicles into the broader energy grid. V2G integration, not only addresses the challenge of renewable energy waste but also contributes to grid stability by leveraging electric vehicle batteries. By using these batteries, V2G provides valuable grid services, aligning with broader goals of sustainable energy use and reducing environmental impact. The article also delves into the potential impact of the Biden administration’s enforcement of CCS standards on public funding, a move that could influence the landscape of fast-charging networks, including Tesla’s. 


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