The NSW Liberals have pledged to install 30,000 EV chargers by 2026.

by Mar 2, 2023

The NSW government has unveiled a plan to assist the installation of 30,000 electric vehicle chargers across the state, over the next three years. Currently, NSW only has 1000 EV chargers, which is hindering the adoption of the revolutionary technology. NSW was well ahead in bringing out EV chargers, and it was setting the standard for policy and incentives, according to the Electric Vehicle Council’s 2022 report on EV uptake in Australia.
Liberal and Nationals Government is reforming laws to make it simpler for apartment owners to charge their EVs; installing EV chargers in all major NSW transportation hubs, such as commuter parking lots and train, bus, and ferry stations; and streamlining planning regulations to help speed up the installation of chargers in public locations, such as parking meters and power poles.
These reforms expand upon the NSW Government’s nationally acclaimed electric vehicle strategy consists of the following:
• No stamp duty on EVs under $78,000
• The entire 8,000+ bus fleet in the state will be converted to zero emissions.
• $3,000 rebates for EVs under $68,750
This is the state government’s most recent strategy to boost EV charging. Prior to this, the NSW government made the following announcements: it will encourage regional chargers, fast-charging networks, and a $38 million plan to help apartment and public charging places. According to this most recent announcement, the total cost of these initiatives up to this time has been $209 million. For the initial phase of charger rollout, eight transportation hubs will have places to charge electric vehicles.

Cutting red tape to accelerate public chargers’ deployment was crucial because 30% of vehicles will rely on them. With these reforms, residents of one of the 84,000 apartment buildings in NSW will find it as simple as possible to install a charger without having to unfairly burden other residents with the associated expenditures. The adoption of EVs is expected to result in yearly operating cost savings for drivers of about $1,000. This plan will also increase the market for EVs in Australia and make NSW one of the best states to acquire and operate an EV.

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