Technological Overview of Global HVDC Market Till 2020

by Dec 8, 2022

• High voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission systems across the globe rely on DC (direct current) for the transmission of bulk power over long distances.
• HVDC systems are usually installed in three different configurations; namely: asymmetric monopole, bipole, and symmetric monopole.
• As far as the technological split in the regions are concerned, LCC technology has dominated all the regions with the exception of EMEA that too from 2010 onwards till 2020 where VSC technology gained traction.
• According to PTR study, HVDC transmission capacity in the EMEA, Americas, China, and Rest of APAC regions will expand to roughly 92 GW, 62 GW, 40 GW, and 37 GW, respectively, during the next ten to fifteen years.
• The VSC technology is expected to grow more in Europe and Americas regions where as the LCC technology will be used still in the Asia and few parts of Americas for long, high power and voltage rating transmission projects.

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