Supply of 4 STATCOMS for a wind farm in Inner Mongolia

by Sep 18, 2020

China has been a major demand center of STATCOMs/SVGs due to increasing number of wind and solar farms in the country. There are many local and foreign suppliers who are tapping into this market to earn their share. So far, Taikai Power Electronic Co. Ltd has been a major supplier of STATCOMs/SVGs in China to wind and solar farms. Recently, Zhuhai Sinopak Electric Ltd has supplied 4 STATCOMs to Xilinhot 475 MW Wind Power project. This project shows that with the increasing demand, there is an increasing competition in the local market as well. Presence of local manufacturers in China will also create difficulty for international big players to enter this market such as AMSC who is a major supplier of D-STATCOMs and has a strong global footprint. Link to the news: