Ships Will Charge Up at Offshore Wind Farms (Denmark)

by Aug 5, 2022

Maersk supply services which is a leading provider of marine services and project solutions for offshore energy sectors partnered up with Ørsted to launch their off shore vessel charging venture by the name of Stillstrom. This venture comprises a collection of offshore buoys that allow ships to plug into electricity generated by offshore wind farms, as well as onshore power-generation sites. This project is going to be the first one of its kind which will enable vessels to power up with clean electricity while being idle.
Ships would be able to use the Stillstrom buoys as mooring points and as sources of electricity. The buoys would be connected by cables to nearby offshore wind farms or onshore electricity-generation sites. Stillstrom has been under development since 2019. A pilot charging buoy will take to the seas in 2022.
The buoy can be used to charge the smaller battery or hybrid vessels to supply power to larger vessels, enabling them to turn off their engines when laying idle. By substituting fossil- based fuels with green electricity, virtually all emissions are eliminated while the buoy is in use. The first full scale charging buoy will be demonstrated with Ørsted in the third quarter of 2022. The charging buoy itself is large enough to charge an SOV-sized battery or hybrid-electric vessel.
The first full scale charging buoy will be demonstrated with Ørsted in the third quarter of 2022.This power buoy will supply overnight power to one of Ørsted’s Service Operations Vessels, SOVs, which supports Ørsted’s target of climate-neutral operations in 2025. Ørsted will be responsible for the grid integration of the charging buoy. Ørsted intends to make publicly available any intellectual property generated during the design of the buoy’s integration into the offshore wind asset, to maximize the potential uptake of this carbon-reducing innovation across the offshore wind sector.
Stillstrom will open new avenues for vessel charging. It will have many benefits including Enabling clean power and charging stations with safe mooring for vessels servicing offshore floating and fixed-bottom wind parks. In addition to this the Danish vessel charging market will be greatly impacted as electrifying outside ports, energy islands, and near-shore locations, will also address congestion and limited space. In addition this the supply of clean power to responsible energy companies with offshore operations, and electrifying floating assets and vessels will help with the economic growth as there is increasing pressure on companies to shift to renewable energy resources all over the world.

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