Reactive Power Equipment Market Research

Reliability and supply security is a major concern for utilities these days. With the increasing penetration of renewables, stricter grid codes are being implemented by utilities every day. Increased generation capacity under revised grid codes demand more flexibility and dynamic reactive power support for the grid. Over the years, static devices like Capacitor Banks, synchronous condensers and filters have been installed by system operators to provide voltage stability and reactive power support. However, with the advancements in power electronics, fast dynamic support devices like FACTS are becoming popular with time. 

In this bespoke service, PTR covers three main reactive support devices operating at transmission grid level: Synchronus Condensors(SC), Capacitor Banks (HV Grid Applications) and Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS). Major aspects like reactive power range, grid voltage and technology type are covered. Additionally, qualitative aspect of the report covers topics like role of cross-border grid interconnections and associated need for reactive power support in transmission networks and go-to-market strategies of top 5 OEMs operating in this field. Some key questions answered in this analysis are:

– Where is the market headed?

– Which reactive power technology is dominating the market?

– Who is the market leader in supplying these solutions?

– Any upcoming regulatory roadblocks which should be kept in mind?

What is Covered in this Analysis?

Quantitative Analysis:

1. Synchronus Condensers (SCs)

Direct Online:

– by Reactive Power (Single Module)

– by Voltage

Reactor Start:

– by Reactive Power (Single Module)

– by Voltage

Pony Motor:

– by Reactive Power (Single Module)

– by Voltage

Other Starting Technologies:

– by Reactive Power (Single Module)

– by Voltage

2. Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

Project Specific Coverage:

– More than 3,000 projects including upcoming ones

– Detailed information including supplier and technical details

Static Var Compensator (SVC):

– by Primary Voltage

– by Swing Range

Static Synchronus Compensator (STATCOM):

– by Primary Voltage

– by Swing Range

Thyristor Switched Capacitors:

– by Primary Voltage

– by Swing Range

3. Capacitor Banks (HV Grid Applications)

Fixed Series Capacitors:

– by Rated Power

– by Bank Voltage

Shunt Capacitors:

– by Rated Power

– by Bank Voltage

Qualitative Aspects:

Regions Available

– North America

– South America

– Europe


– Rest of the World (RoW)

5 Top Supplier Profiles

– Compnay 1

– Company 2

– Company 3

– Company 4

– Company 5

Opportunities & Bottlenecks

– Role of VSC based systems

– Off-shore wind power and Voltage Ride Through (VRT)

– Other opportunties in the market

Output Format:

MS Excel Database

MS PowerPoint Report

MS Power BI Dashboard

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Germany: +49 (0)89 12250950

USA & RoW: +1 408 6220456