Solar Value chain – Supplier Benchmark Analysis

With a myriad of technologies being pursued simultaneously across multiple steps of a value chain, the solar market is by far the most dynamic of the renewable generation technologies. All of these dynamics translate into an opaque picture when it comes to weighing technologies or companies against each other.

This bespoke service provides objective, unbiased transparency into the solar value chain and what success quantifies into. This is done by standardization across the board from FIFO/LIFO inventory calculations to subtle inclusions/exclusions to COGS reporting such as logistics, a common practice among solar manufacturers. This effort provides unparalleled ability to weigh company actions more directly by removing variables which may not be easy to isolate when desired.

Power Technology Research diverges from the rest by analyzing the entire value chain both individually and holistically with all permutations of business model addressed and measured.

What’s included?

  • Frequency and Time Period
    • Quarterly Updates
    • 2012-2022
  • Product Areas
    • Polysilicon
    • Ingot/Wafer
    • Cell
    • Module
  • Parent Technologies Covered
    • Mono-crystalline
    • Multi-crystalline
    • Thin films
      • CdTe
      • CIGS
  • Companies Covered
Canadian SolarHanwha Q-cellsMotechSunPower
First SolarJA SolarNeo SolarTrina Solar
GCL-PolyJinko SolarSolar FrontierWacker Chemie

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