Our Service Verticals


 Power technology research offers extensive market research coverage for the following application verticals.



Our analysis in electricity generation ranges from equipment used in generation plants to various renewable generation technologies. Whether it is about solar value chain, bechmarking or cost analysis, or about wind converters and generators, we have you covered.


With our unique substation equipment models, we provide our customers with detailed market data, forecasts and analysis of electricity transmission & distribution equipment within the countries of their choice through a voltage specific lens.


Looking at one of the highest growing markets of today’s world, PTR’s coverage of e-mobility aims to deliver analysis for our clients who are looking at the interaction between e-mobility and power sector. Ranging from our EV Impact Report analyzing the impact of increasing EVs on their surrounding ecosystem to our EV Charging Infrastructure coverage, this application vertical is covering various aspects of e-mobility’s overlap with the power grid.

Executive Insights

Executive Insights versions of our services are aimed at clients who are looking for quick insights on a regional basis for high level planning or validation purposes. All of these datasets and analysis has months of research going into them which backs up every single data point, and is available as the detailed market analysis/full reports for a deep-dive.