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PTR Acquires Matos

Embracing AI and Streamlining Market Research

SUNNYVALE, USA, October 10, 2023: Power Technology Research (“PTR Inc.”) – a leader in energy and e-mobility market research – announced today the acquisition of Automatos Inc. (“Matos”), an intelligence automation company focused on providing powerful AI-driven tools.

“Having worked in the market research industry my whole career, as an analyst, I often dreamt of ways to make my life easier,” said Mike Sheppard, CEO of PTR. “Today we’re able to take two steps forward, in both simplifying the tedious and time-consuming parts of market research, as well as unleashing the power of AI on our larger and more complex databases.”

With this acquisition, PTR will immediately benefit from harnessing the power of the no-code tools that Matos has built. “This completely bypasses the need and complexity of building a developer team, by empowering each PTR analyst to automate their own processes,” said Hassan Zaheer, CEO of Matos.

The merger allows for the sourcing and integration of larger external and internal databases with PTR. “AI-founded and analyst-tuned insights will permeate all of PTR’s offerings, in addition to providing entirely new types of findings,” said Saqib Saeed, CRO of PTR.


About PTR: Founded in 2016, PTR ( provides specialized market research about Power Grid and New Energy equipment through syndicated and bespoke research for our clients. PTR prides itself on a differentiated approach to market research that focuses on diligence, flexibility, and transparency.

About Matos: Founded in 2020 as DViZ, Matos ( builds simple no-code tools to automate tedious and time-consuming external data that companies use in their decision-making processes. The company now incorporates AI technologies to both validate and enrich the data obtained through its tools.