Prysmian Group outsourced Neu-Connect HVDC cabling to Sumitomo Electric

by Nov 11, 2022

Sumitomo Electric has been awarded the contract to deliver HVDC cables for the Nue-Connect interconnector by Prysmian Electric, who secured the main turnkey contract for the cross-border interconnection. The 725-km long Nue-Connect HVDC interconnection will transmit 1.4 GW of electric power between the UK and Germany, enough to power almost 1.5 million homes by 2028. The total project cost around €2.8 Billion, funded by several entities including Meridiam (France), Allianz Insurance Companies (Germany), and Kansai Electric Power (Japan). The unique aspect of this project is the active participation of Asian entities such as Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC), Kansai Electric Power (Japan), and Sumitomo Electric (Japan) in the project’s financial closing, engineering work, and cabling, respectively. Sumitomo Electric and Prysmian have collaborated on several HVDC projects, including the 1400 MW Kii Channel (Japan) and the 500 MW Line A Nord HVDC (Germany). Plus, Sumitomo Electric has provided cables to four more HVDC projects in Europe including 1200 MW ITA (Montenegro-Italy), 1000 MW NEMO (UK-Belgium), 600 MW Kontek (Germany-Denmark), and 500 MW Greenlink (Ireland-GB). The European HVDC industry, which is primarily driven by offshore wind expansions and cross-border electric power trade requirements, has grown to a size that exceeds the capacity of European cable manufacturers. The increasing demand for HVDC cables is luring Asian cable manufacturers to fill the void. For example, Vattenfall has selected LS cable to offer HVDC cabling services for linking the Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm with the UK national grid. Looking at the trends, it is anticipated that more HVDC projects will be bagged by Asian cable suppliers in the coming years.

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