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Power Transformer Research Revolutionizes Market Insight with Comprehensive Analysis  

SUNNYVALE, USA, March 18, 2024: Power Technology Research (“PTR Inc.”) is proud to unveil its groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing unparalleled insights into the power transformer market landscape. As the world transitions towards sustainable energy sources and upgrades its aging infrastructure, the demand for power transformers continues to surge. 

The power transformer market is experiencing significant changes due to factors like expanding electrical infrastructure, increasing renewable energy projects, and the necessity to replace outdated systems. PTR is committed to providing comprehensive market intelligence to industry stakeholders, offering detailed insights into market dynamics. Utilizing a model-based bottom-up approach and analyzing over 27,000 data points, PTR ensures accurate and actionable insights for its customers across 19 country/sub-regional markets. A key feature of PTR’s research is scenario-based forecasts, enabling users to assess the impact of clean energy initiatives on power transformer demand, which is crucial for strategic decision-making in the industry. 

Key highlights of PTR’s power transformer research include: 

  • Annual market reports spanning historical data from 2021 to 2023 and forecasts up to 2030. 
  • Segmentation by key application verticals, voltage buckets, and scenarios. 
  • Analysis of market trends at a regional level. 
  • Supplier profiles featuring product portfolios, recent developments, and information on mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. 
  • Market shares of top power transformer suppliers at the regional level. 

Moreover, PTR’s initiative comes at an opportune moment, with two main competitors in transformer market research failing to update their analyses in recent years. This presents a unique window of opportunity for industry players seeking up-to-date and reliable market intelligence. 


About PTR: Founded in 2016, PTR ( provides specialized market research about Power Grid and New Energy equipment through syndicated and bespoke research for our clients. PTR prides itself on a differentiated approach to market research that focuses on diligence, flexibility, and transparency.